8 Personnes
10 People

5 Parkings

No pets

RECEPTION : (450) 297-1245

Monday to Friday 10:00 @ 18:30

Saturday and Sunday 9:00 @ 15:00

EMERGENCY : (450) 297-4715

Out of hours



**ATTENTION: As this part of the street is not yet listed on the web, please follow the Google Maps link above. Once on chemin des Roselins, turn left on chemin des Faisans and go to the end. Turn left on chemin des Pinsons and the chalet will be a little further:

The chalet key can be found in the “Clients” number box located to the right of the front door.

For questions regarding additional charges, important conditions and prohibitions, please see the RENTAL AGREEMENT

IMPORTANT REMINDER TO THE CONTRACT: The number of people authorized represents all the people present at the chalet, whether for one night or during the day. And this number cannot be exceeded, and this, in ANY TIME. In the event that an overrun is noted, a fee of $125 per additional person will be retained from the deposit and will cause the immediate eviction of all occupants. Please note that exterior surveillance cameras are present.


When you leave, we ask you to ensure the following points in order to avoid additional costs. Please note that cleaning and inspection are not always carried out on the day of your departure.

  • The garbage cans, refrigerator and pantry have been emptied.
  • The dishes are left clean and / or from the dishwasher.
  • The BBQ has been cleaned.
  • The spa is in the same condition as when you arrived.
  • The garbage has been sorted and deposited in the external bins.
  • The used towels have been deposited in the bathtub.
  • The interior and exterior furniture are in their original place.
  • The gas fireplace is Off and / or the wood fireplace is properly extinguished.
  • Windows and doors are all closed and locked.
  • The alarm system is on when you leave.




In winter, a 4 X 4 vehicle is highly recommended due to the rugged nature of the terrain (slope).


NETWORK: XCI-9c1d ou XCI-9c1d -5G

PASSWORD : 40649afccf

Unlimited wifi


The house is equipped with an artesian well, and the water is good for consumption.

It is important not to DISCARD ANYTHING in toilets other than toilet paper. No kleenex, cotton swabs, tampons and no oily, corrosive or toxic fats or oils.


To light the fire, make sure the firebox vent is open. Take care to properly close the guillotine door.

Warning: To prevent smoke from returning inside the chalet, make sure not to turn On the kitchen hood if all doors and windows are closed. Hood suction is strong and can cause negative pressure inside the home.


Before starting a fire, make sure that the fire danger is low in the region by consulting the site : sopfeu.qc.ca

  • Have a functional garden hose near the fireplace and never leave the fire unattended.
  • Make sure the fire is completely out at the end of the evening and / or before leaving.


The chalet provides you with three smart televisions. Two DVD players as well as a selection of films and documentaries are also available to you in the living room and in the upper bedroom.


The heating and cooling temperature is programmed according to a schedule to ensure your comfort during different times of the day and different seasons.


The tenant is responsible for the maintenance of the hut tub during his stay and it is his obligation to make sure to return it in the same condition as on his arrival. He must make sure that the spa works well at all times. If there is a problem, the tenant must immediately notify The Manager

Maintenance :

  • Take a shower before the spa if you have oil or sunscreen on the body. Otherwise it will contaminate the water, cancel the effect of chlorine and / or bromine and could make the water cloudy.

You must ensure that the water level is sufficient in the spa. If it lacks water, it will stop heating. Never overflow the spa. If necessary, you will find a garden hose in the mechanical room (very important to put it back in place after use)

  • NEVER remove the chlorinator from the spa and tell us if there is no more chlorine in the spa.
  • Do not close all jets – the spa will stop filtering, heating and could damage the pump.


  • Detach the straps and fold the cover over the black stem, then tilt the cover backwards.
  • When using the spa, remove debris that accumulates around the bottom of the water mouth.
  • Always replace the cover after use.
  • Fasten the straps after use.

SHOCK TREATMENT: Use ONLY on cloudy water. Add 1/2 of the cup provided (2 tablespoons) and let the product act. You will have to wait a few hours before you see a good result. (You can use the spa immediately after adding the product, it is safe for the skin. This product only does an oxidation task and thus allows the chlorine to carry out a better job of disinfection) The shock treatment product is available in the storage box under the small bench inside the Sauna Hall

The ideal temperature for a spa is between 96 and 100 degrees.

The spa control panel is on the wall to the left as you enter the Sauna

  • This is to run the pump
  • To run the pump
  • To run the Blower to get more air bubbles in the spa

CAUTION: Make sure the spa is never OFF


In summer only, a waterfall is available next to the spa. To make it work, open the left hatch and activate the waterfall control valve.


To turn the sauna on, press the “Power” button in the lower left corner of the control panel. This will automatically activate it for a 60 minute cycle. Note that a period of 30 minutes is necessary in order to reach an optimal temperature, the cycle therefore includes 30 minutes of heating and 30 minutes of use.


Please note that the parking lot of the property as well as the outline of the property is monitored by cameras.


Garbage must be deposited in outer containers at the bottom of the course entrance

  • Blue Recycling
  • Green Other waste

Do not leave any garbage in the cottage when you leave, including items in the refrigerator or empty bottles.

A collection calendar is available under the kitchen sink. If you are at the chalet on Sunday evening, please place the garbage bins by the side of the road. Collection takes place on Monday morning. At all other times, please leave the bins in the shed to avoid attracting wildlife.


Nespresso machine: Make sure the water container is filled, and choose the desired cup size (single or double). A milk frother is also available.

BBQ: An additional gas cylinder is available under the outdoor kitchen counter if needed.

Outdoor kitchen: The light switch is located below the BBQ cabinet element (left side). A label indicates its location.

Fire extinguishers: You will find a fire extinguisher in the engine room, and another near the BBQ.

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