8 Personnes
4 people

4 Parkings

Pas d’animaux

RECEPTION : (819) 847-0476

Monday to Friday 10:00 @ 18:30

Saturday and Sunday 9:00 @ 15:00

EMERGENCY : (819) 843-5825

Outside reception hours



Once on Tomifobia Road, STOP following your GPS and turn right at the “Y”. The destination will be on your right.

The chalet key can be found in the “Clients” number box located close to the front door.

Important: The door being European type it works a little differently. To unlock and lock watch the following video:

Unlock: Turn the key clockwise pulling the door towards you, then loosen the handle down.

Lock: Pull the door towards you by raising the handle upwards, turning the key anti-clockwise. You “click” and return the handle to its initial position.

For questions regarding additional charges, important conditions and prohibitions, please see the RENTAL AGREEMENT

IMPORTANT REMINDER TO THE CONTRACT: The number of people authorized represents all the people present at the chalet, whether for one night or during the day. And this number cannot be exceeded, and this, in ANY TIME. In the event that an overrun is noted, a fee of $125 per additional person will be retained from the deposit and will cause the immediate eviction of all occupants. Please note that exterior surveillance cameras are present.


When you leave, please verify the following points in order to avoid any additional cost. Please note that cleaning and inspection are not always made on the day of your departure.

  • The garbage cans, refrigerator and pantry have been emptied.
  • The dishes are left clean and/or start the dishwasher before leaving
  • The BBQ has been cleaned.
  • The spa is in the same condition as when you arrived.
  • The garbage has been sorted and deposited in the external bins.
  • The interior and exterior furniture are in their original place.
  • The gas fireplace is Off and / or the wood fireplace is properly extinguished.
  • Windows and doors are all closed and locked.




NETWORK: Dlink-guest                      
PASSWORD : Vicharles


Close the doors and lift the black lock. Then press the white round button located on the left of the door, down the wall.


The house is equipped with an artesian well, and the water is good for consumption.

It is important not to DISCARD ANYTHING in toilets other than toilet paper. No kleenex, cotton swabs, tampons and no oily, corrosive or toxic fats or oils.


The television gives you access to various streaming applications such as Netflix, on which you can log in your personal subscriptions. Remember to log out before leaving the cottage.

The television is not connected to cable service.


  • Be careful not to overload the wood stove: no more than 2 or 3 small logs at a time. Use NATURAL wood only. Never use ecological fire logs.
  • To avoid smoke coming back into cottage, do not use the hood, the dryer or the air exchanger while using the fireplace. Always keep doors closed when using.
  • The HIGH setting should be used for lighting the wood only.
  • Do not put any waste, fir, cardboard or other branches in the fireplace. Do not use combustible liquid (gas, kerosene, etc.).


  1. Position the air adjustment lever (located under the glass) at the maximum HIGH position completely to the left.
  2. Open the stove door
  3. Place your logs, paper, and kindling, and light the paper
  4. Close the stove door and let the fire go. Lower the air adjustment lever by moving it to the right
  5. To add logs, slowly open the door to prevent smoke from returning.
  6. When your fire is finished, wait until the stove is cold and put the ashes in the metal bucket


Before starting a campfire, make sure the fire hazard level is low in the area by visiting the website: sopfeu.qc.ca

  • Have a functional garden hose near the fireplace and never leave the fire unattended.
  • Make sure the fire is completely out at the end of the evening and / or before leaving.


The tenant is responsible for the maintenance of the hut tub during his stay and it is his obligation to make sure to return it in the same condition as on his arrival. He must make sure that the hot tub works well at all times. If there is a problem, the tenant must immediately notify The Manager

Maintenance :

  • Take a shower before usage if you have oil or sunscreen on the body. Otherwise it will contaminate the water, cancel the effect of chlorine and / or bromine and could make the water cloudy.
  • NEVER remove the chlorinator from the spa and tell us if there is no more chlorine in the spa.
  • Do not close all jets – the spa will stop filtering, heating and it could damage the pump.

Usage :

  • Detach the straps and fold the cover over the black stem, then tilt the cover backwards.
  • When using the hot tub, remove debris that accumulate around the bottom of the water mouth.
  • Always replace the cover after use.
  • Fasten the straps after use.

The ideal temperature for a hot tub is between 96 and 100 degrees.

SHOCK TREATMENT (in the entrance wardrobe): Use ONLY in case of cloudy water.

  • Add 1/2 of the cup provided (2 tablespoons) and allow the product to work. You will have to wait a few hours before seeing a good result. (You can use the spa immediately after adding the product; it is safe for the skin. This product only does an oxidation task and thus allows the chlorine to perform a better disinfection)


  • ALWAYS wait for stones to heat for AT LEAST 30 MINUTES before pouring water.
  • Do not pour more than one or two ladles at a time on stones.
  • Use only clean tap water on stones – never put water from the spa that contains chemicals, otherwise you risk damaging the stove.
  • Do not pour water directly on the heaters, you risk damaging the stove.
  • It takes at least 30 minutes for the room to reach an average sauna temperature.
  • Do not spend more than 30 minutes in a sauna, as excessive exposure can affect your health.

The controls are at the bottom of the sauna stove

  1. Right control: timer and clock
  • 60 minute timer (from O to large 1 on the dial)
  • Clock to delay the opening from 1 hour to 8 hours, as desired (small numbers from 1 to 8)

2. Left control: heat selector from min to max

Instructions to start the sauna

  1. Immediate activation of 60 minutes (30 minutes of warming and 30 minutes of use)
  • Turn the timer knob past (overshot) the large 1 and back slightly counter clockwise to position the knob on the large
  • Set the heat to MAX with the left control.
  • The sauna will run immediately for a total of 1 hour, and then stop automatically.

2. Delayed activation for 60 minutes (30 minutes of warm-up and 30 minutes of use)

  • Turn the timer knob clockwise to small 2 so that the stove starts in 2 hours
  • Set the heat to MAX with the left control
  • If necessary, the heat can be adjusted downward using the left control
  • Do not smoke, consume alcohol or exercise in the sauna.
  • People with health problems should consult their doctor before using the sauna.
  • Do not place combustible material above or near the stove (clothing, towels, swimwear, wood bucket or ladle, etc.)

Instructions to lock the sauna door


  • Pull the door towards you permanently.
  • Lift the handle as far as possible counterclockwise (you have to “push” a little to lift the handle sufficiently)
  • Turn the lock counterclockwise to lock. Make sure the door is locked when trying to open it. If the door is not locked, you may not have raised the handle sufficiently.


Garbage must be deposited in outer containers

  • Blue – Recycling
  • Brown – Composting (if available)
  • Green or Black – Other waste

Do not leave any garbage in the cottage when you leave, including items in the refrigerator and empty bottles.


You can access the lake through the community park at the end of Gale Creek Road. Leaving the cottage, turn right onto Tomifobia Road, then right onto Ruisseau Gale Road. Parking spaces are available onsite.

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