Become a host

Your accommodation will be seen by +150 million travelers.

The Hebergia difference: You will be present on the largest booking platforms with a single entry.

Hebergia, the only one in Quebec to offer you to manage your property on its site and on all the major reservation sites, Canadian, American and European.

Hebergia is also

A database of over 18,000 customers

Hebergia has been renting chalets since 2006 and 65% of reservations come directly from our platform..

Over 280,000 people visited the website in 2020.

This figure is up 69% from the previous year.

Over 695,000 page views.

Everything to maximize the rental of your property by maximizing cross-selling.

Simple and fully centralized management

You never have to intervene in the process. Hebergia takes care of everything! From the start of the process to transferring the money to your bank account. Your sole responsibility will be to bring love to your home.

Hebergia allows you to offer your chalet without any constraints: You can use the residence at times that suit you.

Smart marketing

It is easy to rent your chalet at the right price during times of high demand. The real challenge is to rent for the maximum price you can get as often as possible. And it’s easy to see that the more people see your property, the easier it is to rent it out often, and the more expensive it is.

Our experience and our knowledge of the market allow us to determine the right price at the right time through dynamic pricing management.

Fantastic customer service

Our team is available to guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist them in case of need. So you can sleep soundly on both ears.

Our selection criteria

The level of luxury varies greatly from property to property. The main thing is that your property must be in very good condition, both aesthetically and functionally.

For short-term rentals, you must have either a Main Residence or Tourist Residence permit issued by the CITQ. For long-term rentals (32 days and more) no permit is required.

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You will find the chalet of your dreams

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Zero bad surprises. Relax and enjoy!

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